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PLUS members continue successful cooperation with AB InBev in Russia and their SmartBarley project

1 April 2015

 On March 30-31 Eleaf/ Difco took part in AB InBev annual meeting with suppliers in Mordovia region as part of the PLUS for Progress demo project.

For the second year, AB InBev and Eleaf (under the PLUS umbrella) have successfully run together a project on monitoring of malting barley fields of AB InBev in Russia with satellite technology as part of AB InBev SmartBarley global research program.
On the first day there was a workshop with key personnel and suppliers followed by a malt plant tour. 
Last year results of the pilot project were presented and discussed and season 2015 outlined. This season Eleaf will be directly involved in the project and the key focus will be on verification of data. 
On the second day Mr. Remco Dost, Eleaf senior project manager, presented the pilot to a bigger audience of AB InBev suppliers and partners.