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FlevoTrade Dronten B.V

 FlevoTrade Dronten B.V. is a leading supplier of onions. We also supply potatoes, carrots, cabbage and many other varieties of fruit and vegetables. Wholesalers and importers around the world rely on our broad range of products and transparent way of doing business.

Total Package

In addition to onions, Gebr. van Liere also grows carrots and cereals. Thanks to our large dealer and importer network, we can supply every variety of fruit and vegetable imaginable, from cauliflower to leek, from celeriac to garlic, and from apples to citrus fruits. All your products can be obtained from just one supplier. Nothing can be more convenient, and you have all the logistics benefits to boot.

Reasons for choosing FlevoTrade Dronten:

  • Extensive product range;
  • Own production and processing company;
  • You buy directly from producer;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Fresh products at all times;
  • We take care of the entire logistics process.
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