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In 1973, a group of potato growers joined forces to create one, new cooperative. This signalled the birth of Agrico. Now, years later, this cooperation has evolved into an organisation that markets potatoes all over the globe, breeds new varieties and invents innovative solutions. This demands a lot of effort, but we know what motivates us: providing the best potato for millions of consumers all over the world.

We have grown to become a global player through the cooperation between our growers, breeders, employees, partners and customers. Something as powerful as this can develop from such a simple idea as cooperation. Discover the amazing scope covered by Agrico in the short film below.

Our mission:

  • Based on its cooperative structure, Agrico is a company of potato growers which is engaged in breeding, growing, collecting, packing and marketing of potatoes.
  • By responding to the needs of consumers, Agrico is a reliable partner for its customers and by having a strong position in the market chain, it aims to contribute as much as possible to the income of its members.
  • Agrico conducts its activities in an efficient, responsible and result-driven way, offers a challenging environment for its employees and is a reliable supplier of high-quality products for its buyers.

Our vision:

  • Agrico is the market leader and global player in the market-oriented development of potato varieties and the production and marketing of high quality seed and table potatoes, grown both in the organic and conventional way.
  • Agrico serves the entire chain from developing new varieties to the consumer.